Reasons to Join Titan Chains Assembly


Titan Chains stainless steel jewelry
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• $150.00 per lot of ten Interchangeable Wrist Wraps that you make
• A minimum of $120.00 in pure profit for every lot
• Weekly payouts by check or PayPal
• Complete compensation for all lot supplies and shipping costs
• Reimbursed up to $50.00 for the price of your Training Kit in your 10th payout
Make money assembling jewelry at home
Why Should You Join Titan Chains Assembly?
Titan Chains Assembly is dedicated to ensuring the success of
their home assemblers. Matter in fact, if an individual is serious and
dedicated about becoming an assembler for Titan Chains Assembly
they are pretty well guaranteed a profitable career assembling
stainless steel jewelry for them. You see, right from the onset, Titan
Chains helps each assembler get on the right track. As expected,
each home assembler who desire to make a living crafting Titan
Chains need to assemble a sample to be inspected. This step is
necessary as it teaches the home worker to make Titan Chains
while maintaining the high quality that is associated with the brand.
In so doing, the assembler not only ensures job security by maintaining consumer demand for quality stainless steel jewelry but also reinforce the
popularity and appeal for the Titan Chain brand. Unlike the many assembly scams you have most likely heard about, Titan Chains does not
terminate your contract if you send in a sample that does not meet quality guidelines. Rather, they assist each assembler by instructing them how
to correct any errors- should there be any. In this way, whether an individual finds the crafting process difficult or simple they are pretty well
guaranteed an assembly position if they are persevering and determined.
You could be assembling Quality Stainless Steel Titan Chains like these in no time!
“Titan Chains is the first legitimate company that I have encountered in the self employment program industry again, Thanks.”   ~ Brian R. Palmerton, PA
“Thank you for providing a great help center, I appreciate your fast response to all my emails!” ~ Robin S. Wickenburg, AZ
“Thank you so much for this opportunity, I just love making your jewelry and the pay is great!” ~ Betsy C.
“Working for you has given me the time I need to spend with my family and a great way to earn some money for them too.” ~ Terry P.
Titan Chains Testimonial
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How Do I get Started working with Titan Chains as a Home Assembler?
1. Visit the Titan Chains Assembly Job Offer page by clicking the link above.
2. Read the Titan Crafter agreement.
3. Agree to the terms if they are acceptable to you.
4. Purchase one of the training kits.
5. Assemble an interchangeable wrist wrap by following the clear and indepth
6. Mail in your sample for inspection and receive your Titan crafter ID enabling
you to be registered as a private contractor with Titan Chains assembly.
Sign up and get your training kit today!